About us

IIPDIRECT.COM has three complimentary aspects

Investor Relations Portal-

This powerful platform:

  • Provides real time access to vetted commercial real estate investments along with all the associated due diligence materials, offering materials, investment documents
  • Allows all investors equal access, as opposed to the serial manner investors have been introduced to opportunities historically.
  • Provides a secure channel for investors to invest electronically
  • Provides a sophisticated interface that allows investors 24/7 access to their current portfolio, performance metrics, tax documents, and communications.

Insight Asset Services

Execution is the key to successful real estate investments, the true art of real estate investing evolves from executing on the plan and being able to pivot and adapt when needed. Buying or selling it “right” is great but without solid execution it is nearly meaningless.

Insight Asset Services (IAS) is the cornerstone to the IIPDIRECT.com group of companies and why investors can feel confident choosing to invest with the Originating Partners of IIPDIRECT.com.  While the Originating Partners of IIPDIRECT.com find the opportunities; are responsible for the investment strategy; secure the financing; and are ultimately responsible for its performance, it is up to the members IAS, to provide the support and guidance to more effectively analyze the acquisition and strategy and then for executing the the strategy.

The IAS team leads the underwriting, legal review, due diligence review, proforma creation, investor reporting, along with supervising the people and companies that handle the all the day-to-day operations.

Now investors can work with multiple Sponsors but have the peace of mind, that they have consistent, high quality underwriting, reporting, and management.

More than 200 private and institutional investors have found a qualified and respected group of professionals with Insight Asset Services. IAS is committed to one objective; providing the customer with the results expected when making the investment decision.

The relationship of the customer to IAS is important. Open communication is a key factor to the success of the investment and allows the customer to properly allocate their own risk and understand in real time the potential outcome of their investment.

A wide array of marketing research and econometric forecasting information is available through our research team. Using real time data, assists in the decision-making process required to maintain and achieve greater results for the investment.

Insight Asset Services maintain property financials on most major real estate accounting systems including Argus, Yardi and Timberline. Standard services include rent collection, accounts payable, cash management, financial reporting, tenant billing and budgeting. Customized reports and additional services are also available.

The Originating Partners of IIPDIRECT.com

We are professional commercial real estate investors, developers, operators, and asset managers that invest our own capital in every deal and invite others to co-invest alongside us.  We source, underwrite, and manage the deals we accept co-investors in.  Our cradle to grave approach, eliminates excuses and holds us accountable.

We are not a crowdfunding website, we are not a Fintech firm, we are not a digital media agency, we are not a REIT, we are not brokers: we are a privately held, full service real estate investment and asset management company, that has harnessed technology to provide a more transparent and efficient experience our investors.

We target development, acquisition, redevelopment and management opportunities throughout the United States, with an aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns and creating long-term value for our shareholders and investors through our disciplined approach to due diligence and operations.

With hundreds of individual and institutional investors by our side over the past 30 years, the Senior Partners have managed 130+ single purpose investments entities, developed millions of square feet of industrial, office, and senior care assets, and completed more than $2 billion in transaction value, across multiple asset classes including senior care, industrial, self-storage, RV parks,  office, retail, and multi-family.

As we have performed with distinction, for more than 30 years, most of our opportunities are introduced to us by our established relationships with existing investors, lenders, municipalities, funds, operators, developers, landlords, and other real estate professionals in selected markets.   Of the 100’s of opportunities we review each year, we only execute on 8-14 per year.

Our past experiences and relationships provide us with broad national/regional perspectives on market opportunities and local insight, which often enables us to understand and exploit inefficiencies in relative values of commercial real estate markets. This strategy has allowed us to consistently achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by minimizing competition with other capital sources, while maximizing value through intensive post-acquisitions management.